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  • R.Raffan:車木(英)
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  • 車製木盒(英)


頁數:208頁, 版面:280*217mm, 全彩 車木名匠Richard Raffan的第一本著作,介紹車床夾頭/頂針/刀具的研磨及選用,車床各部位說明,車製步驟,塗裝方法等等. 附彩圖355張.

Thousands of novice turners have learned to turn with Turning Wood with Richard Raffan. Completely revised and updated, this classic is the definitive book on turning. With new techniques and up-to-date information on tools, this book is a great resource for every turner. Turning expert Richard Raffan's easy-to-follow instructions show you how to:

•choose the right chucks and tools for the job

•sharpen and maintain your tools for the best results

•handle tools safely and efficiently

•learn basic techniques with ease

About the Author

Internationally acclaimed for both his turning and his teaching, Richard Raffan is a leading figure of the woodturning revival. Well known for his gallery-quality production work, he is the author of the best-selling book Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan, the new book Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan, as well as the classics Turned-Bowl Design and Turning Projects with Richard Raffan